Hongding Club

Rooted in Wantong education group, Wantong education Hongding club is a high net worth business elite community. It is a platform built around business education for mutual benefit, self-discipline and optimal allocation of resources. 60000 elites and 500 famous teachers mix in the circle. No matter you are an investor or an entrepreneur, you can find your value here. Whether you are an executive or a government official, you can find your highlights here. Whether you are looking for "like-minded" or "like-minded", you can ensure the accurate docking with your life like-minded friends here. Wantong education Hongding club is an important link between the government and businessmen, businessmen and businessmen, businessmen and society. It creates a professional, accurate and high-value social circle for you through a variety of online and offline activities.



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Hongding Club

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