Founded in 2007, with the spirit of “Achievement Founded on Diligence and Wasted upon Laziness, Success Depended on Forethought and Destroyed upon Random”, WinTop Education Group (WTEG) has devoted itself to the area of high-end international business education. It has more than 30 business education centers in 20 cities across China, and more than 50,000 enrolled students per year. Under the guidance of the Education Authority Agency, and in-depth cooperation with professional departments and special programs of many 985/211 and Double-first-class Universities in China, the WEG has provided more than 260,000 students in China with a series of high-end business education, professional skills improvement courses and relevant counseling services, including MBA/Postgraduate Examination Counseling Program for Part-time Student (a.k.a. MBA Preparatory Program), International Master/PhD Studies Program, Undergraduate Equivalents Applying for Master's Studies Program, Applied Psychology Studies Program, and Promotion of Vocational Education etc..

For the past ten years, WTEG has been deeply engaged in China, connecting the world, focusing on business and integrating innovation, and gradually established its own characteristics and advantages,such as:
1: Study intensively business education to achieve many outstanding programs
2: Provide online and offline integrated courses to increase both efficiency and effectiveness
3: Collaborate with high-quality institutions to enhance students' background.
4: Famous prestigious scholars teach in person, while endowing with an international perspective.
5: Connect the world's business elite to share wisdom and resources.
Looking forward to the future, WTEG will continue to promote the development of higher business education as its mission, explore the innovative development mode of business education, and build a strong open platform for the exchange and international cooperation of business education.



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