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Recently, WinTop education Hongding Club specially invited Liu, deputy general manager of Ningbo Port electronics, to teach the course of “cross border electronic commerce ecological industry”.
President Liu reviewed his career for many years and stressed the three keys to doing a good job in cross-border electronic commerce:


1、 The industry should unite and not engage in "internal volume". Ningbo is close to the sea and has long been open to trade. Ningbo businessmen have footprints all over the world. One of the important ways to break into such a large market is to hold a group. The "Ningbo fellow townships" all over the world are proof.
2、 Commodities should be branded, improve recognition and trust, and reduce consumers' choice difficulty and purchase risk.
3、 Business should be localized and have its own characteristics. The commodities collected, the import and export of logistics, the company's operation and management mode, etc. are based on the local market.

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