WinTop Education Group has passed the AACSB member certification

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On February 26, after several rounds of evaluation by the International Organizing Committee, WinTop Education Group successfully passed the AACSB member certification of the International Association of business schools! As the oldest business school certification system, the successful passing of AACSB certification is an important sign that WinTop Education Group has been recognized by the highest international standards for its teaching ability and qualification level, and it is also the best evidence that WinTop Education Group has ranked among the leading business institutions in Asia.
Looking back at 2021, the epidemic and policies have brought a great test to China's education and training industry. WinTop Education Group, a subsidiary of "Shanghai lifelong technology", has been forging ahead against the wind. Relying on cutting-edge technology, high-quality products and extreme services, it has an outstanding reputation at home and abroad and has been widely recognized. While applying for AACSB membership this time, the parent company "lifelong education group" of WinTop Education Group has also taken the most important step towards becoming a high-level administrative and commercial member in the near future.

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